This feature requires Dolby Atmos-capable hardware, most notably a Dolby Atmos-capable receiver. Microsoft’s messaging app Teams launched back in 2017, two years after the release of Windows 10. As such, it became an optional app as an alternative to the likes of Slack. Windows 11 has officially arrived for the Steam Deck, with the ability to install Microsoft’s OS being wrapped up in a fresh update for Valve’s handheld gaming PC. Jarred Walton is a senior editor at Tom’s Hardware focusing on everything GPU.

  • If you don’t delete your camera’s photos after Windows copies them into your computer, you won’t have room to take more photos.
  • For the last few years, the company has focused more on its Azure cloud computing services—justifiably given that business’s profitability.
  • Microsoft wants to rectify this issue by making its store more compelling for devs.
  • I accept your decision—you are a bold, fearless PC gamer and I won’t hold you back.

Now that you have installed Calibre, you can use it for any ebook conversion or formatting your new ebooks. Now you can go to your Calibre Libray, which is the button in the middle of the top menu, where you can select and view your new pdf file. Once you have located your ebook files, you are ready to add your first ebook to Calibre and convert it to pdf. Adding bookmarks to a PDF is a convenient way to find the specific pages in your document or remember the pages read. They can take you or other reads to the target pages quickly.

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On the Windows Update Assistant to finish installing the update. This will immediately restart your computer, and it will take at the minimum 20 minutes to finish updating, and much longer on newer versions. The system will check if the update has been installed before or not.

I can’t add widgets, though I can customize the pre-installed widgets download Cirrus Logic CS4208 (AB 120) drivers. It takes up a considerable amount of space in the middle of the screen and lacks justification for its size. A large chunk of the new Start menu is white space.

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And yes, Microsoft has changed the way to do a shell replacement. You can install and use the Embedded Shell Launcher to customize windows as you like it for kiosk mode. But this is only available for Enterprise and Education. I had been researching if WSL 1 was still being improved and hadn’t found any articles that it was not being improved. In fact, ones that say both will remain supported.

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That’s starting to change in Windows 11, thanks to Microsoft making some big alterations. Microsoft is finally allowing developers to submit any application to the store, enabling third-party browsers and regular traditional desktop apps to appear in search results. One more feature that’s worth calling out is the Chat app. It’s part of Microsoft Teams, but it allows you to send and receive text messages with your contacts, even if they don’t use Microsoft Teams. I was able to exchange messages with my wife directly to her phone number, who could then reply directly from the Messages thread on her iPhone – no app required. I do wish the messages were better formatted on her phone.